Previously Stonehill Cottages
Why We Changed Our Name

Bethesda Lake Purchase

On September 6, 2019 we purchased Bethesda Lake and the surrounding property just outside of Mena, Arkansas, which directly adjoins the Stonehill Cottages property to form well over 200 acres of mountains, valleys, and a private lake. We are very happy to be able to share this property with our guests, and to let them experience the magic that we feel every day here at Bethesda Lake. We feel that this property has become our new identity and certainly deserves to be the focal point of our guest’s experience. With that, we decided to change our name and usher on a new phase of cabin development surrounding the beautiful mountain lake.

Lakeside Cabin Development

Immediately after the purchase of the lake in September of 2019, work began on cleaning up the long abandoned Bethesda Lake grounds, and remodeling the existing lakehouse that was positioned on the property. After nearly an entire year of work, we were ready to open Bethesda Lakehouse and Bethesda Lake to our guests. Immediately after completion, work began on Bethesda Pointe, followed by Bethesda Oasis, Bethesda Overlook, and Bethesda Landing.

Mountaintop Cabin Development Plans

The lakeside properties turned out so well, we can’t stop there. Plans for 2023+ include multiple mountaintop and mountainside cabins extending up the side of the mountains to the south of Bethesda Lake. These cabins will have unparalleled views of the Ouachita mountains. Some of the views from our mountain rival that of the Smokies. We are very excited for these developments, so stay tuned for announcements on the progress of these cabins. Click here to follow us on Facebook and stay updated!


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