Cabin Concierge

More things to do

Bethesda Lake Resort is ideal for all kinds of group events in Mena, Arkansas. Its close proximity to Mena, Arkansas makes it easy and convenient to locate. The cabins can sleep up to 80 or more people. The property itself is expansive and has an incredible park-like setting with extraordinary mountain and lake views.  In spite of the property having a very rural feel, it offers excellent phone service and the best wifi in the area. Please contact us for more information regarding rates for renting all the cottages and grounds for your next large event.

Family Reunions

Bethesda Lake Resort is ideal for hosting your family reunion or reunion of any type. Guests enjoy ride in access to Wolf Pen Gap ATV trails, on site fishing and kayaking at Bethesda Lake, and plenty to do in nearby Mena, Arkansas. Please contact us for a no obligation tour of the property.  It will be well worth your time! 


Many weddings have taken place at Bethesda Lake Resort in the years the facility has been open. The rolling hills and pristinely kept mountainous terrain (with exceptional lake and mountain views), is the perfect wedding venue. There is plenty of parking for larger groups.  We generally do not charge a facility fee but ask that wedding parties rent all of the cabins for the date of the event. 


One of the most commonly spoken compliments we hear about Bethesda Lake Resort is how peaceful and restorative a stay at Bethesda Lake Resort truly is. It is a very unique property in that it’s not far off the beaten path, yet is bordering thousands of acres of nothingness in the U.S. National Forest.  If you’re looking for a place host a retreat of any sort, look no further.  Bethesda Lake Resort is the place for you!


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