ATV Trail Map

The map below is one of the most comprehensive ATV riding maps available. It clearly lays out the legality and seasonality of every road and trail in Polk County and surrounding counties, as well as detailed points of interest and the routes to those. An interactive version with GPS capability can be obtained by following these instructions:

1. On your smartphone, download the Maprika app. Click the button below to download the app on your type of phone. 

2. After the app is installed on your phone, click the button below, then click “Download (mobile link). The Maprika app will open. Click “Download” once the app opens and you will have the map.

Area Map

Use this map to see the location of each cabin and local points of interest (swimming holes, restaurants, trail locations, attractions)

ATTENTION ATV RIDERS: The closest trailhead is the West Trailhead. The route requires 2 miles of legal riding on the low traffic Hwy 375. The map below shows also shows a custom route to the South and East trailheads

We recommend the highway route for the West trailhead, and the custom scenic route for the South and East trailheads. If you use GPS to guide you to the South or East trailheads, it will route you onto Hwy 375 which is not the best route, but is perfectly legal.